M  A  N  I  T  O  B  A  '  S
 W I L D  K I N G D O M

Band Photo from . . . AND YOU ? 1990 

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom emerged out of the legendary New York City punk band, the Dictators. While the Dictators were always known as a great live band, bassist and producer Andy Shernoff formed Manitobs'a Wild Kingdom in the late eighties. Daniel Rey, who is the brother of the late Joey Ramone of the Ramones was part of the original line up but left the band soon after they started recording their album. By the time the band was complete, the line up was three Ex-Dictators including Handsome Dick Manitoba on Lead Vocals, Ross the Boss on Guitar, Andy Shernoff on Bass and Vocals and Future Dictator J.P. Thunderbolt Patterson on Drums and Vocals. The result was a Killer Punk/Metal album called . . . AND YOU ? This album is packed with 10 rocking songs that showcases lightning speed riffs, thunderous beats, savage vocals and amusing lyrics all rolled up in under 26 minutes. Manitoba's Wild Kingdom continued into the early nineties but eventually evolved back into the Dictators along with original member Scott "Top Ten" Kempner on Guitar. Since then, they have only performed as Manitoba's Wild Kingdom on a few occasions. While performing as the Dictators, they still play songs from . . . AND YOU ? often opening shows with NEW YORK NEW YORK or THE PARTY STARTS NOW !!

Band Photo from Village Voice as the Dictators 2001

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